Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jason's Tubes

Jason got his 3rd set of tympanostomy tubes today. We had to be up by 6:00am and to the hospital by 7:00am. We dropped the other kids off at Janice and Dick's and headed out to the hospital.

We got there right at 7am, and started to check Jason in. You actually input his information into a computer there and Brett and I were a little absorbed. When I turned around Jason was gone. I ran in the hall and there he was playing with the wheel chairs. That's what I get for taking my eyes off him for 30 seconds.
They checked him out. He was having a bit of an asthma attack, so they gave him a good nebulizer treatment. He actually left the mask on while he colored on the sanitary paper on the bed.
Once he checked out ok, we went across to the surgery waiting room. He was so cute! He wanted his blanket, and carried it with him.
This is a fascination of his lately. If he sees a kitchen, everything has to go in it.
The anesthesiologist was HUGE! His arms were monstrous. I told him Jason would possibly give him a run for his money, but he started talking to him as he took him away. It was cute, the doctor was Austrian and had a pretty deep voice. As he walked away he said, "Hi Jason, look at the butterflies. Do you see them?" Jason never budged out of his arms.

Dr. Muntz came back after about 8 minutes of waiting. He was finished and Jason was just recovering from the anesthesia. About 10 minutes later we were called back and Jason had taken off his blood pressure cuff, he'd made them remove his name tag, and he'd gotten the pulse oxygen meter off. But he was just laying there like there wasn't anything to worry about.

We got out about 20 minutes after he'd woken up. This is him as we were waiting for his ear drops. He took a huge nap this afternoon, but other then that he hasn't seemed like anything is affecting him. I know tubes aren't that big of a deal, but I'm sure I would be a little loopy all day.

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