Tuesday, September 18, 2012

August 22nd

With my new job the kids had to help with Jason A LOT this summer.  I decided that my kids needed to be rewarded for all their help.  We don't eat out very often anymore.  I'm one of those AWESOME Mom's that took the kids out to eat almost everyday for a while.  Things changed.....they starting eating more....and the funds were not available for that any longer.  So going to McDonald's has finally become quite the treat.

While I buy the food the kids have to chase Jason around the play area and try and keep him out of other's food.  Talk about embarrassing, when you have to chase him down with some poor kids french fries clutched in his mitts.


It doesn't matter how long I wait for Samantha to quit being silly, she won't stop.  She poses until I take the picture.  I'm not sure why she was chewing on Squidwards head.

Tori loves the Parfaits as McDonald's.  But not enough to have that be her meal.  So when Jason decides that he's finished with his food, Tori sweeps up his parfait.  Most the time without me telling her whether it's ok or not.   

Curtis has been so helpful with Jason as well.  It's crazy how sweet and responsible this boy is.

The "Big Boys" wanted to play as well.  Well....I guess they aren't that mature yet.

Jason and I went for a walk around the block.  He was kind of on one this day, since I actually took him out and about.  He saw one of our neighbors watering his flowers.  He loves to play with the hose so he went right over to him and wanted to play in the hose.  This particular sweet man, wasn't quite sure what to make of it.  He didn't want to get him wet.  However, they also had their sprinklers on.  Since we weren't far from home I let  him get his water needs taken care of.

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