Saturday, September 15, 2012

August 16th

Registration day.  That was a crazy morning.  We went to the school and then found out that unless we turned in Tori's immunization records we couldn't even pick up her schedule.  This wasn't a problem the previous year with Duncan.  I did eventually get his immunization records to them.  He was up to date of course.  I had to load the kids back in the car and then head over to the kids pediatrician and get a copy.  We went back and by that time, Jason was overwhelmed.  He freaked out and kept trying to beat up Duncan.  You should have seen the stares I received for that.  Especially when I got frustrated with the older brother who was trying to help. was a rough time.  I decided that since Tori has going to have a lot of help in Marcia, I didn't need to try sticking around too much.  

since he freaked out we went swimming   

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