Tuesday, December 13, 2011

October 22nd

Duncan had a soccer game out by my sisters house on the 22nd of October. They had the most entertaining playground I've ever seen!!! Jason didn't even want to leave the park, there was just something about it.
He made it all the way over this "ladder"?
Samantha was very proud of herself on the climbing wall. Of course once she got up she wasn't sure about how to get down.
Tori thought it was more fun to go over the rings than through them.
This slide was weird! The idea was to put your bum in the groove, wrap your legs around it and hold on. Tori was a little nervous at first.
Samantha didn't have a very easy time because she was in a skirt.
Jason however went over and over and over and over and over..........need I say more?
I love this picture. My girl sitting on top and my baby sitting in the middle like a monkey. Well that is one of his nick names.
He would have stayed all night!!!
However I wanted to go watch the soccer game so I took his hand and said, lets go watch Duncan. Jason let go and shook his head no. HUGE!!!!!! So I said to him, "Because you shook your head no you can stay as long as you want to." After a few minutes I showed him the iPad and asked if he wanted to go watch the soccer game. He took my hand and we went over. I couldn't believe it. (of course it hasn't happened since, but whatever.)

Duncan's team got spanked!! We were facing the sun, and honestly there wasn't much to take pictures of.

However I did get to sit on the bench with Jason and Brett so I got a lovely picture of Duncan and his penny.
Afterward we went to Traci's house to have dinner and watch the new Pirates of the Carribean movie that was out on DVD. It was fun, but I still get majorly stressed out when we go to her house. Jason is not an easy kid to control, and with the darn movie room, he goes crazy. He loves that stinking thing!!!!

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Kari said...

I can't blame him for wanting to leave the park. It looks like a pretty cool one!