Monday, December 26, 2011

November 14th

Jason had a doctors appointment this day.  I don't remember exactly why.  He's been having a steady stream of appointments every 4 months or so.  I think it was just a routine check up.
The girls also had SEPS.  Tori went first.and her teacher loves her.  She had nothing but good things to say about her.  Her teacher really tries to prep them for Jr. High so she has them figure out their GPA.  Tori made the Honor Roll for her class.  The main thing I remember is that her teacher said she has a very good imagination and she is very good as telling stories.

Samantha was next.  Her teacher loves her as well, and really likes having her in her class.  They are making a book of their year so Samantha hasn't brought home very many things yet, so they showed us her book as has been completed so far.  Samantha struggles with slowing down and doing things right.  She wants to rush through and be the first done.  She is really helping her to remember this and her work is looking great.

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