Sunday, December 18, 2011


Halloween would not be complete without carving pumpkins.
 My sweet girls loved every minute of this.
 This was Samantha's first time cleaning out the pumpkin.  She did think it was pretty gross.
 Alaric with Jason.  Love this kid!!  I'm going to miss him when he goes to college and his mission.
 Samantha picking up her hot dog from Grandpa Siddoway at their wards Trunk or Treat.
 Jason saw the play ground and that was all she wrote.
 Duncan was just going to be a soldier but his friend took him to get his face painted so he was a zombie soldier.  His buddy Curtis was a Man in Black.  And yes....they thought they were being so funny!!!
 Jason really didn't want his picture taken.
 Samantha is my fabulous Ghost Buster.  Her Daddy threw her costume together and I think it turned out pretty good.
 Tori just wanted to be a zombie.  The first time I had Duncan put the green paint on her face while driving to Traci's house, it was a little scary, and not in a good way.  Everyone thought she was the incredible hulk.  So this time I think it turned out much better.
 Again....Jason not wanting his picture taken.  Alaric was trying to help me out and not be in the picture.
 There's my scary ghost and my scary zombie.
 This is my really scary crew.  And yes...we claim Curtis as well.
 Trick or Treating at Bob's across the street.  Bob's favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween.  He always goes all out.
 Brett's Pumpkin turned out pretty cute.
 The Jack-o-Lanterns on the porch.
 Tori with her Bat pumpkin.
 Samantha with her Jack-o-Lantern.  They were both so proud!!!

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