Monday, December 26, 2011

My Mother's 60th girls day out Nov 12th

I can't believe that my Mom is 60!!!

We (Leslie) decided we needed to do something for her birthday so we went to get our toes done.
Ok, well that was only one of the things we did.  That's the only thing I took a picture of though.

All the girls, older girls, went to get a pedicure.  Then we went to lunch.  Then we went shopping.

It was a lot of fun, just sitting and relaxing.  My legs had been hurting from the gym so it was LOVELY to have someone rub my calves.  It was also nice to just sit and chat and giggle a little bit.  Especially when Berrie was struggling not to take her feet out of the ladies hands.  She a bit ticklish.

We went to can't remember the restaurants name.  I know fairly pathetic.  But again, we enjoyed visiting and talking about kids, and friends, and Dad.  It was fun to have a girls night out, and have my Mother actually feel comfortable talking.  She can be a bit quiet when there are more people around that aren't family.

Than we went shopping for some clothes for Mom.  Not my favorite thing shopping.  I did get some cute flats while we were there.  Traci is the family fashionesta so I basically followed her around and pointed out the ugliest things on the rack.  It was pretty entertaining.  Mom was uncomfortable, but enjoying being the center of attention.

My Dad called about 4:00pm trying to figure out where we were.  He can't be without my Mother for longer than 3 hours, at least if he's not at work.

Poor Brett was without my help for about 8 hours.  It was a lovely break for me.

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