Thursday, February 26, 2009

I've finally uploaded the pictures out of my camera!!!

This is the blanket that I made for Jason. He's been waking up a lot to get in bed with us and I finally figured out that his blanket wasn't warm enough. So here it is!

My handy husband installing my wonderful new flooring!!! Looks awesome huh?
Tori at swimming lessons. She's doing really well!!
Samantha as swimming lessons. Again, doing really well, she's even starting to listen to the teacher!!!
Duncan has decided he's a "pro" at skating. His first attempt at an ollie.
His second attempt!Samantha and my niece Hallie at the Hunter Valentines party!
Duncan and my niece Kacie. Duncan actually posed for this shot. He thinks he's funny!
Tori, again at the Valentines party.
Duncan has a pretty big mouth, huh?

Jason and my niece Taylor. Jason is looking Taylor wants food now!
Tori's Valentines box. Brett loves this time of year!!!
Duncan's valentines box. He said that he wants to extinguish the flames of love.

Duncan entered the science fair this year. Brett and Duncan worked hard, and I think it looks pretty good. He didn't win anything but for a first time I think it turned out well.

Here are some videos as well.

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