Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo

We went to Kangaroo Zoo yesterday. The kids had a ball.

Jason in the baseball blow up toy, where he wasn't supposed to climb. Surprise, surprise!!!

Samantha does her own thing all the time. The only picture I could get of her cute face was for her to pose.
Duncan at the top of one of the slides. I think he was trying to help Tori get Jason up.
Samantha makes friends everywhere she goes.

Tori is always one to help. Jason is a natural climber. Tori had to just stand behind him just in case.All 4 kids at the bottom of the slide. Jason looks terrified doesn't he?
Jason isn't like the rest of my 17 month olds. He follows right along and joins in the fun.
Jason and my Nephew Mitch. They are starting to play really well together. It's really fun.
Here he goes!!

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