Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tori's Upcoming Surgery

Well I made another visit to the doctor today. Tori and I made the trek in the snow to the Moran Eye Center to see Dr. Bernstein. She was great as always and let them poke and prod her eyes as necessary.

We got to the office a little early, and hung for a minute for them to be ready for us. They checked her vision and it appears that she will not need a different prescription for her soon to have contact. Then Dr. Bernstein came in and looked at her retina's which are just fine, by the way. Then we discussed her upcoming surgery.

She will be having Cataract surgery March 26th. This will of course be after our Disneyland trip that we will be undertaking soon. She will have two procedures. Dr. Bernstein will be removing some remaining vitreous that he couldn't get to with the last procedure as well as some blood clots that are not going away. Then Dr. Crandall will be doing the Cataract surgery. She will have a lens implant so her vision in her left eye will be great! She will then have to use a contact in her right eye, until by chance she needs another cataract surgery in the future, which they would give her a second lens implant then.

We also met with their low vision social worker. She is getting the girls set up with the state for some benefits, ei: cooking classes, support groups, music classes, etc. I figure if we get them set up now and the girls want to utilize them in the future, great! It will also make Braille Services that much easier to obtain.

Tori is doing well, she is excited for contacts. She is a bit nervous about going through surgery again, which is understandable. We continue to encourage the strength that she is showing and give liberal hugs and kisses as needed. Thanks for all your support, and keep us in your prayers.

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