Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here is the cute little audiogram again!

I took Jason to the audiologist today at the Utah School for the Deaf and Blind. He did so much better then last time. Well, his mother actually prepared him better this time!! I made sure he was fed, and we set the appointment earlier so he didn't get tired so quickly. As you can see from the audiogram above he did much better. The audiologist was able to test his left ear this time, and that is normal. All of the ABR's he's had done have shown this so it was not a surprise, but always nice to see. His right ear does have the hearing loss but he tested at a 25-35 DB loss this time, instead of 35-45 DB as before.

He's funny in the booth because he hates his ears messed with. After all the poor kid has been through I don't blame him. They put the ear phone in his ear and he immediatly starts shaking his head to try and dislodge it. (Mom learned last time that you have to hold onto the "monkey-pants" hands or he is really quick to pull it out.) But, we got him paying attention and were able to see a vast improvement in response.

We then took him out of the booth and they took a mold of his ear. I thought that would be traumatic but he just played with the peg board and let it set up. They will be shipping that off to have his ear peice made and he will be fitted for a hearing aid in 2 weeks, probably. I'll fill you in on his response to that when it comes. That should be lots of fun!!! =)

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that he did better this time. Good luck with the hearing aid!