Monday, January 19, 2009

False Alarm!!

We spent 5 hrs at the ER on Saturday night, for a false alarm. Samantha scooted backward off the toy box onto her head, and then advised me that she was seeing shapes. She kept looking to the upper corner of her eyes, so we decided to go have her checked out. She was really afraid that she would have to have surgery so she immediately changed her story and said she was fine. We spent a long time at the ER waiting for the Ophthalmologist and he checked her out and her Retina's are fine.

It was a good lesson for both Mom and Daughter because she learned that she really needs to let us know what's going on with her eyes. I learned to try not to jump at everything! =)

I do have to share the highlight of the evening though. The Nurses Assistant was a guy I went to High School with. Rob was great and did a wonderful job. They did a quick eye test to see if there is a difference in her vision with her glasses on.

Rob: "K Sweetheart, cover one eye."

Samantha: (Reads the chart ok)

Rob: "K, now the other eye."

Samantha: (Reads but only gets down to the 2nd line.)

Rob: "K, now let's do both eyes."

Samantha: (Promptly covers both eyes and waits patiently to see what Rob wants her to do next.)

I had to ditch behind a cupboard so as not to laugh myself silly!!!

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