Wednesday, April 17, 2013

December 22nd

Brett made me an organizer for my jewelry.  Since I started at Dress Barn I have acquired a lot of jewelry. The frame has screen in it so that I can put my earrings in it   Love my hubby.  

Then it was the Child Family Christmas party.  We had it at the Milne house and we did a "Minute to Win It"  theme.  The Lutz family had an advantage with the kids being a little older they were a little more successful.  My sister Leslie told me that we all needed to where team colors.  I decided that we were a pretty "White Trash" family and we brought Pennies.  =)

Jason found a viking hat and he wore it for quite a while.  He loves Kristen and Chad's basement because there is just free space to run.

I gave Lauren her doll.  They had gone skiing that day so she was exhausted, but she loved it.  That sweet smile was worth every minute it took to make it.

Jeff tried to get the kids to trick Grandpa.  Unfortunately it didn't work.  Grandpa got out of the predicament quickly.

Little L loves Brett!  He loves that Brett will throw him around just like his own Daddy.

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