Thursday, April 11, 2013

December 15th

Brett made the parents presents.  They are linoleum prints of the Logan, Salt Lake, and Bountiful Temples.  I think they are gorgeous. 

We went with Grandma and Grandpa Child to the Farmington fountains to see how cool they were.  There was Santa and a play ground.  Other then that it was freezing we had a great time.

I love this picture.  My kids are so intrigued by water. 

My older 3 liked the light and water show as well.

I tried to get all artsy and take a picture of them from the other side.  It didn't work.

Eventually Jason figured out where there was a hole in the fence.  He took off and was in the fountain before you could say boo.  He did play on the play ground and amazingly I didn't have to apologize to anyone!  He didn't run into one sole.  He didn't butt in line.  He's learning!!!!!!!

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