Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really nice. My kids brought me waffles made from scratch, scrambled eggs, and a smoothie in bed. We all got up and got ready for church, and in sacrament meeting Brett's cousin Gary took Jason for just about the whole meeting. That was awesome!

Jason has started back in nursery. We are hoping to give him another year to adjust to the idea of primary. So I was able to go to all my meetings, without stress or worry. What a relief.

We went over to the Mother-in-laws right after church and they were still at church. So we hung around because if we didn't Jason would freak out. I took a nice afternoon nap while we waited. The in-laws got home we said hello, and goodbye pretty quick. They had a flight to catch to Arizona to be with my Brother-in-law for his surgery.

We went home rested for a while and then headed up to my Mom's house. It was fairly relaxed and Jason fell asleep. It was quite the nice relaxing day that I needed.

With Jason asleep in my Parents bed my brother set up his microphone, new toy, and his guitar and the kids went down and sang with him. Jason didn't wake up at all!!!

Samantha is so fun! She could play with Uncle Jeff all day.

Jeff put on his new toy, Tori had a hard time singing with the additional harmonies.

Duncan thinks he's a rock star!

I think every grandkid that was there was in my folks room.

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