Sunday, February 6, 2011


My house has been insane lately. I'm wondering how to get my kids to be respectful to each other? They are always bickering and fighting. If one is being nice the other isn't. I swear they hate each other!

They are constantly picking on each other, and trying to make the other feel bad. I can't depend on any of them to get along.

I'm convinced Duncan and Tori are HORMONAL. They CANNOT look at each other without wanting to bite the others head off.

Samantha on the other hand, is just an emotional psycho! If she isn't teasing, she's crying.

Then of course Jason is Jason. Today he didn't want to go to Primary so he hit a little girl and then started smacking himself. He threw himself on the floor and banged his head and kicked his feet. Brett decided enough was enough and took him home.

What am I doing wrong!!! Why won't my family SETTLE DOWN???

Any suggestions????????

Help? =)

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The Pedersen Haus said...

My only suggestions involve soda...lots of soda! Being a Mom is so hard sometimes! I'm sorry.