Thursday, February 25, 2010

Social Sensory Playgroup

Jason had playgroup this morning. Since he has had such a weird sleep pattern this week, it didn't go well. He didn't want to wake up, he didn't want to get in the car, he didn't want to drive anywhere.

When we got there Jason just cried and cried. We sat in the rocking chair for a while to see if I could calm him down. I then showed him the puzzles, and he was ok with that. Except he seemed to think that he could do he puzzle himself. Very UNLIKE my boy.

Karianne pulled out a wagon, so the boys would have to take turns. Jason had no interest in the wagon. He sat in it and cried the whole time.

We opened the Discovery Table and that was the only time that he seemed to play. However he would only do that when I was sitting with him.

He's out cold now. He hasn't taken a nap in a week, so I'm quite pleased.

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