Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mom and Me

Last night was the Mom and Me night at the kids school. Brett was working, so I decided it would be the perfect distraction for the kids. We walked over at the school since generally by the time I find parking it would take as long and as much energy just to walk from our house.

The PTA had a group from the ogden area come and do African Dancing. The kids had a ball.

I let the kids go sit on the stage, so that they could see better. (They performed in the middle of the gym.) There were enough kids that wanted to come up to the front that they told the kids to go ahead and sit on the floor in front of the chairs.

Duncan enjoyed it from the beginning. There is just something about the drums. Then they started singing a song, where one side sings and the other side responds. They held the microphone up to random kids, and of course Duncan was one of the random kids. He sang as loud and clear as he possibly could. He advised me afterward that he had his moment of being the center of attention. GAG!!

Tori loved the dancing. She did all the moves that the performer showed them. They at one point got up on the stage and Tori was right in front trying to do it exactly as directed.

Samantha also loved the dancing. She sat on my lap for a while along with Jason so she could see better. She was the main reason I told them to go up to the stage. She just loves anything that has to do with socializing.

Jason was quite into the drums as well. He really focused on the drumming. After a while he got bored and put it out of his mind, but for the most part he really liked it. He wanted to go up to the stage with the other kids, but I chased him around for a while. He is really good at dodging through a crowd though, so he did end up on stage. I went into the hall and waited for them to be done and then grabbed him and took him in the hall. He wasn't happy with me, until he got a cookie at the end.

All in all it was a good night.

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