Sunday, February 28, 2010

More from Jason

We thought Jason was doing so awesome after not sleeping last night. Brett got to sleep on the couch. I say it that way because I didn't get much sleep. Every time Brett would try and sit on our bed, Jason would freak out. If Brett touched him he would cry, if Brett looked at him, Jason would glare back.

This morning, while Brett let me get a few hours of sleep, Jason seemed to be doing better. He was up bouncing around, playing, enjoying life. We went to church, where he willingly went to nursery. They came and got Brett because Jason wouldn't stop crying. After falling asleep in his arms we went to Sunday school. He woke up at the end, and again wouldn't stop crying. I finally took a good look at his mouth. He's covered in cankers. His tongue, his lips, I suspect his throat.

I went to Lisa for her much needed, and much asked for help. She's going to call him in a perscription and she told me to mix 50/50 Benedryl and Maalox and coat the cankers with it. It seemed to help quite a bit.

He's been asleep since about 2:30pm. Hopefully he'll be feeling ok when he wakes up.

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Anonymous said...

Poor boy! I'm so sorry that you are all having such a time of it. It was so fun to see you and your cute family the other day! Hope Jason feels better soon!