Thursday, February 25, 2016

Samantha follows suit

Three weeks ago Samantha had a Prophylactic surgery in hopes to prevent her from having Retinal Detachments.  She has been doing well and had returned to school.

Tuesday I looked at my schedule and didn't have anything till 3:00 pm.  Since I love sleep almost as much as my family I took a nap.  Being the super heavy sleeper that I am, I slept forever!  (Cue guilt complex for ever).  

Samantha was in third period and said her eyes hurt, she went in the bathroom and saw this. 

She tried to get a hold of me and finally gave up and called Brett.  With his new job in Lehi he finally jumped on a train, and headed home.  In the middle of everything I finally woke up and texted Brett that I had been asleep.  He filled me in and I jumped up and ran up to get Samantha.  

I called the Moran Eye Center and let them know that we were heading up to Triage.  The sweet guy on the phone took all the information and then told me to wait and the Triage Doctor would give me a call.  I advised the sweet guy that my phone call was a courtesy call and we were coming up.  (Sweet guy was quite annoyed)

I called him back and asked him to send information to Dr. Bernstein because he would want to know that we were coming.  (Sweet guy was a lot less sweet).  He told me that ANY doctor at the Moran could look at her, and IF they needed to send her to Bernstein then they would.

We picked up Brett and headed right up.  We got to Triage and the receptionist said that they would escort her right down to Dr. Bernstein.  

Dr. Bernstein just happened to be there on Tuesday.  He was covering for another doctor and was leaving to a conference that evening in Miami.  The Resident Doctor checked out Samantha and when Dr. Bernstein came in she said there were two tears in her retina.  


Doctor Bernstein was trying to figure out who was going to do the surgery, and then said, "We can do this tonight.  I'm flying out at 1:00 am.  Lets go down to the surgery floor and get going."  As we were getting things together Dr Bernstein came over to talk to me.  I know I'm the mama, but I know he was getting teary eyed that the preventative surgery didn't take.  The Lord put Dr. Bernstein where he needed to be to keep my baby seeing, and I'm grateful for a Doctor who "feels" for his patients.  

Within the hour Samantha was dressed up in her surgery clothes and getting ready to go back.  

Thankfully Grandpa Siddoway drives like the wind and was able to join us to give Samantha a blessing.  She was crying but being the toughest kid she was giving thumbs up.  

The anesthesiologist asked her if she knew any jokes and she of course being the "Pun Master" started sharing a few.

Brett and I completed a a puzzle while waiting for Samantha's surgery to complete.  It was a good two hours.  

Dr Bernstein told us that everything looked good.  They did a full vitrectomy and he filled her eye with oil.  The retina has resealed against the eye, and she is doing well.  There were a couple holes in her left retina so he lazed around that.  He then jumped a plain to his conference.

Wednesday morning we took her up to the Moran again and they removed her patch.  Everything was sealed but she is developing a cataract in her left lens.  We are hoping that the cataract will go away on it's own, but we are not planning it to happen. 

Samantha's doing well and is enjoying just hanging out and watching TV.

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