Monday, May 20, 2013


I started school again! I have a family management class and one of the goals I set was to document our lives better so that I can always see the good in the  everyday craziness that is our life. 

I know I'm way behind so I give up once again. I'll play the catch up game and I'll use the awesome blogger Ap on my phone. 

 Last night Jason struggled to sleep. He started Sunday with major asthma attack so he was on some heavy steroids. This morning when I couldn't find his dang shoes I decided to run to Kmart and buy him some. Duncan missed the carpool this morning because he couldn't find HIS shoes so i let Jason sleep in. At least I could go get Jason's shoes without having to drag him through the store. The one benefit of having Duncan home this morning.

I dropped Duncan off at school and am now just getting Jason to school.  Next stop...the hub to take a math quiz.

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