Sunday, March 10, 2013

December 1st

Woo hoo!!!  I made it to DECEMBER!!!!

Ok...our ward does Christmas Breakfast with Santa.  So we went to the church.  Ate breakfast.  And then Santa Showed up.  It's always fun for the kids and I know that Santa is going to be very patient with Jason because the man behind the beard is all knowing.  (At least we see him once a week.)

Samantha is always eager to sit and let Santa know what she wants.

Jason actually smiled with Santa.  That was exciting! 

Duncan thought he was REALLY funny sitting on Santa's lap. 

Tori couldn't bring herself to do it, so she just stood next to him. 

My sister brought us back our old love sac.  We put it in Jason's room.  He enjoys it a lot. 

The dogs love Brett.  They aren't in the house as much anymore.  (That's my fault)  So every once in a while I let them snuggle with Brett. 

I finished Laurens doll and then struggled for a week or so with what to do with the face.  It's dang cute though.

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