Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I can't tell you how many times I've lost my keys. Sigh..... It's a little more frustrating when you know you are supposed to pick your son up and you can't find them. Secondly the phone that your son brings to school is either dead or he is ignoring you. Then on top of that your psychosis gets the better if you as you pace the floor hoping he is just walking home, because he isn't calling and you can't get a hold of him. Knowing that the girls will be coming home soon you put the 4 year old with Autism in a wagon and pace out front so you can walk up toward the school as soon as the girls get home. When you see the said Junior High kid turn the corner the
Relief fills your heart, because you know he is safe. As you approach him you ask why he didn't answer his phone, and the death rays flash from his eyes. "where were you!" As you Ty to explain that you couldn't find your keys....etc. he turns his back on you and enters the home not talking to you for about an hour.

And I was worried....why?

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