Monday, April 16, 2012

Continuing to play catch up.

These pictures were uploaded to my computer on 2-23-12  Some of them I can't really remember why I took them.  =)

Getting ready for Valentines by painting Tori's box.

 Duncan was so excited to get him singlet that he had to try it on.
Brett working really hard to get our house back into some kind of order.
 Duncan received his first and second class awards.
 Tori wanted to finger paint so to make it OK, she had to help Jason finger paint.  She is very sweet to help her baby brother.

 Daddy and Duncan watching the rest of the first wrestling meet.  They both enjoyed it quite a bit.
 I think we went to dinner at Pace's after Duncan won his first wrestling match.  I really don't remember why we went out, but Duncan is usually the one who picks to eat here so that is my guess.
 More working on the house.
 Jason found a balloon.  I love when he actually pays attention to new things.

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