Friday, April 27, 2012

Catching up

We went with the In-Laws to the Lorax.  It was quite the adventure.  Jason was highly uninterested int he movie
 The rest of the kids enjoyed it.
 This was the only thing Jason watched.  The Credits.  Anyone who knows Jason,will know that you don't turn off a movie until the credits are over.  Duncan wanted to leave, but I advised him that his brother had watched the movie for him, now it was his turn to watch the credits for his brother.
 As always we had to go to Chuck-a-Rama afterward.  This is a family tradition that Duncan started.  After the movie we go eat at Chuck-a-Rama.
 After the movie we went to Leslie's house for Fight Night.  Duncan was enjoying put wrestling moves on Jason.  Jason was enjoying it as well.

I will never have a fridge like this.  Poor Leslie probably had to wash feet prints off of everything. 

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