Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blustery Day

There was a crazy couple of days in Davis County.  I believe it was the 1st of December....but I really can't remember.  We wind was insane.  Jason wouldn't sleep.  It didn't matter that I gave him his sleeping meds.  It didn't matter that 2 hours later I gave him some Melatonin.  It didn't matter that two more hours later he was given Melatonin.  It didn't matter that two more hours later I gave him some Melatonin.  At about 5:30am we gave him 1/2 of a pill of his sleeping meds and the little bugger finally gave in.  It was like he had restless body syndrome.  He would lay down and his whole body would shake.  The wind was crazy!!!  I think they said it got up to 120 miles an hour in Centerville.  There was quite a bit of damage around us.  So many trees uprooted.  It was nuts!!!  It was really weird to see the National Gaurd driving around with huge amounts of wood on military vehicles.

We didn't have it too bad.  Just a few torn up shingles.  I told Brett I would get up on the roof and help him fix them, but he wouldn't have it.  It was the closest I've ever seen him to having an anxiety attack.

Thanks Babe!!!

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Brett Lutz said...

I don't remember an anxiety attack, I just didn't want to have to worry about your safety. I can barely manage mine. (And you've heard the stories of others on their roofs, and how scary it is!)