Thursday, January 19, 2012

Asthma Sucks!!

Jason had a pretty severe case of Asthma on December 8th.  I called the doctor and asked them to call in a steroid for him, and of course they wanted to see him.  Rude......

I brought him in and the Doctor walked into the room.....I took this video of him while waiting for her.    She looked at the way he was breathing and then called in for the pulse-ox meter.  He had a 91% saturation level.  I had already given him one dose of Albuterol with the nebulizer before I got there, but she wanted a second one given.  He opened up pretty good, but his numbers were still 91.  She said, "Would he keep a monitor on?"  Of course he won't!  So she didn't send us to the hospital.  She wanted to see him back in 3 hours.  So I spent the day in and out of the doctors office.  Then I borrowed a pulse-ox meter from my Awesome friend Angie.  His levels never rose above 91%.  I brought him in to the doctor the next morning and his numbers were 93%.  He did start perking up.  Eventually the Flo-vent kicked in and his Asthma has for the most part been under control.  Winter air in Utah isn't very good......=(

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