Thursday, December 12, 2013

October 26th

Child Family Fun Day.

It was our last day at Lagoon.  It was Frightmares and Samantha didn't want to have anything to do with the haunted houses.  There isn't one picture of her in this bunch.  Jason was sick, and so Brett stayed home with him.

This picture was of a whinny Duncan.  I strangely wanted to have him wait for the rest of the family before we went into a haunted house. 

This is the crew that went through the haunted houses together.

I love this picture!!!


Duncan wouldn't stick his head through the hole far enough.


It's always nice when the crew will help support your head.

 Duncan had to help Max.

 Duncan is at this phase where he thinks he's really funny.  He has to call attention to himself everywhere.  I do love the photo bomb in the back though.

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