Friday, December 6, 2013

October 22nd

Jason doesn't sleep. already know that.  One of the few things that used to put  him to sleep was Rock Band.  He likes the moving colors and music.....I think.  Since Rock Band isn't a "thing" anymore we went to my parents house and recorded some for Jasons Ipad.

When Jason doesn't sleep it makes life hard for everyone.  He's not like Duncan, Tori, or Sam who I can say, "Sorry, don't wake me up."  He has to be watched almost all the time.  When he has a sleepless night the ipad is a God send, because at least he will stay where that is.  He also jumps on the bed, so if Brett tries to "sleep" it doesn't happen.  I however sleep through just about anything...except for Jason's asthma attacks.  So I can kind of get some sleep.  It's more like I'm in a half state of sleep.  It's not my favorite way to spend the night, but it's possible.  Just watch out the next day if I can't get a nap.

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