Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up Youth Activity Letters.

Duncan and Tori had a Youth Activity.  They asked us to write letters and me being the last minute procrastinator I rushed to finish them.

Tori baby!
I’m so excited at the progress that you have made so far in your life.  You are truly a joy to me and I love to watch you as you grow up.  You are so blessed in all your talents, and intelligence.  You are such a special person, and you love so much. 
I love to hear you sing, and listen to you get better and better on your instruments.  You are such a good help to me and I appreciate everything you do.
I’m very excited to see you progress as much as you have in the gospel.  I love to see you reading your scriptures and doing your personal progress.  You are such an example to me of what I always need to strive to become. 
I know that going on a mission is something that scares you.  Well don’t let it.  The idea of going on a mission terrified me, and so I never planned on going.  I did get married before I would have been able to go, but there are times that I wish I would have gone.  Just to be able to have the experiences that your Dad has would be priceless.
Love you!  You are my sweet baby!!

I don’t even know how to put into words how much I love you.  It’s amazing to me how fast time is flying.  Before you know it you will be “grown up”. 
I’m so proud and awed at the person you are becoming.  I always enjoy it when people tell me how good of a job we are doing with you, because I don’t feel like I have anything to do with it.  You have always been the person you are.  That is just what Heavenly Father blessed you with. 
I’m excited to see the talents you are developing, and am excited to see the passion you are putting into them.  I hope you will continue to expand your horizons, and see what is out there.
You are truly a great help to me and I love you for all that you do.  Life can be tough and I know you are the oldest kid.  I know you feel like you get the brunt of the responsibility and you do.  Remember, you asked for him.  “Mom, I talked to God and he said that I could have a little brother.”  You might not have known what you were getting yourself into, after all you were 3, but I truly believe you prayed and asked for him. 
I love to see you serving in your Priesthood responsibilities.  If it is presented in this way you always do it.  I want to see you growing your knowledge of the gospel more.  Read your scriptures and enjoy going to your church classes more.  I know that as our church gets older and older the younger people know more and more, and it’s been so good for them.  I have sat in classes many times with older people and questioned whether they knew what religion they belong to.   They don’t actually know anything about the gospel.  Study baby!  Study and learn!
I love you!

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