Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playing Catch Up May 20th

On our way to school.

I went to take my first quiz.

I don't remember what she was complaining about but I didn't think it was worth complaining over so I took a picture.

Snuggling with my sunshine.

Special Needs Primary had a movie night.  Popcorn machine and everything.

He snuggled right into one of the bean bags.  He of course doesn't watch movies so we took off early.

Then we got to go ride Uncle Flip and Aunt Christie's horse.

While we waited for them there was a double rainbow all the way across the sky.

Jason was more interested in his sock then the horse.

But Samantha loves horses.

Tori does as well.

Duncan had to just look plain awesome in his hoody.

Then everyone visited while they thanked the horse for the ride.

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