Saturday, February 16, 2013

November 3rd

 We drove to Nevada to see our Nephew Spencer get Baptized.  It was only about a 3.5 drive there so we figured if we were going to drive to Arizona for Regan's we needed to go for Spencers.

My boss Tara gave me a bunch of clothes for Tori.  This is one of the many pieces she now has.

Samantha is growing up as well.  That was Tori's Easter dress a couple years back.

Jason didn't feel to well, but he did ok on the way down.  

We stopped at Mcdonald's and they and some funky stools.  It was quite the fight over who got them.

Aurora came with us.  She just loves hanging with our family.

After the baptism Jason freaked out!  We went to Denny's for dinner and he cried forever!!  There was no consoling him.  I didn't know what was going on.  There was a Big 5 sports across the parking lot so I took him for a walk.  I thought they might have some tramps.  Nope......Instead I tried the ski you can see the weight of the helmet didn't help either.  So I went back to the restaurant in hopes that our food was ready.  Walla!!!  He was hungry......I wish he could talk.

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