Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jason's in Primary

This is Jason's Buddy Arwen.
Jason has been in Nursery for a long time.  He was supposed to go to Primary last year, but our Primary presidency and his teachers really didn't know how to handle him.  I guess we didn't help much, but it's hard to try and push someone to help your kid when they REALLY don't want to.

Arwen is one of my favorite people.  He LOVES my boy.  It doesn't matter what is wrong or what extra care he needs.  He wants to help me boy.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone reach out to him, without me having to explain every little thing that is wrong with him.  Arwen, just loves me boy.

Primary so far has been wonderful this year.  We have a new Primary Presidency and Jason has two AWESOME teachers.  They WANT to help him the best they can.  I've asked them to attempt to get him to stay quiet during the prayer.  That's it....because it's a place to start.  I'm going to be extra vigilant at home so having them reinforce it at church will be fabulous.

Again, I love it when people want to work with my sweet baby!

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Kari said...

That's so awesome.