Thursday, February 23, 2012

January 3rd

Jason had to have some dental work done.  Since I was getting dental insurance at the beginning of the new year we set it up right after.  Jason is such a sweet boy, but he was tired...hungry....and desperately wanted a bottle.  For the most part he was really good...until the office lady turned off the credits of the show they were watching.  That just about did us in.

For the most part it was just waiting.  Jason Horgesheimer (J.H.) did Jason's dental work.  He used to be in our Bishopric when we first moved into the ward.  He is really sweet, and my Jason connected with him almost instantly.  We were called back to get started and J.H. disappeared.  The Anesthesiologist took over and just let the root beer flavored gas blow into his face.  I was holding him and since Jason doesn't sit still I got some good shots of the gas.  Finally he went to sleep and we put him down on the chair.  We went into the waiting room and I crashed!!!  Ya....I did get a good dose of the gas.

When it was all done, J.H. came out and told us that he did 9 crowns.  Since Jason grinds so much and had so many more cavities he said that he wanted to make sure he had some teeth left.  =)  Since we are double covered we so far haven't had to pay anything..thank goodness.

The nurse came back to get me when he was starting to stir.  I want back and she was going to start reading me the release information and Jason started waking up.  I was right there when he started to freak out.  Brett said he knew when Jason woke up he could hear him in the waiting room.  When he wakes up from anesthesia he's horse.  He sounds terrible.  He kept grabbing at his face like there was something in the way, which freaked me out.  For about 3 minutes I thought he was having trouble breathing.  When I voiced me opinion to the nurse she said it was the Novocaine.  That made sense!!

Jason doesn't like anything sticking to his skin.  If he has a band-aid on it bothers him until he removes it.  You can't remove being numb.  My poor boy was freaking out!!!!  Finally the nurse read us the release papers and than went and got Brett.  Brett carried him to the car and he put him down so he could open the door.  While I was unlocking the car, Jason proceeded to head put the van.  He was angry!

This is the video of the drive home.  He had taken off his I.V. bandage, so his face was covered in blood.  If we had been pulled over I think we would have had a hard time explaining that one.

After we got home we gave him some Clonodine, so that he would go back to sleep.  Our hope was that when he woke up he wouldn't be numb.
It worked.  My sweet baby was back!!!  However it did take a few weeks for him to get used to his new teeth.  On the plus side, he really can't get the sensory input from grinding his teeth.  Metal against Metal is quite as exciting to him.

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