Wednesday, November 23, 2011

September 28th Parent Teacher Conference

We had our first Jr. High Parent Teacher Conference experience in September. We've been monitoring Duncan's grades all along so we were really not surprised with those.

Science-He has struggled with this. For no other reason than not turning in his homework. His teacher said that he has started opening up in class more.
CTE-This is similar to Home Ec. Again, no surprised that he was missing assignments. However his teacher thinks he's a good kid.
English-His teacher was not there the day we went. However he did have an F when we went. He again is struggling turning in assignments.
Pre-Algebra-This teacher really likes him. He struggles turning in assignments but what he did turn in, he was doing well with.
Gym-Strangely there is paper assignments in Gym. This is the only thing Duncan is struggling with. Everything else is good, he participates well.
Spanish-He had an F when we went in. However this teacher didn't care when he got his assignments turned in as long as he did. She enjoys him in her class.
Orchestra-This teacher RAVES about Duncan. She says he's a very talented musician and she loves having him in her class.

As you can see the over all problem for Duncan is turning in assignments. I'm hoping he will be able to figure this out!!!!

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