Thursday, October 20, 2011

September 20th

Duncan had been complaining a lot about his leg. We've even had some run in's with school because of it....don't ask......

First we had an appointment with Lisa to see what she thought about it. She looked at his leg, and poked and prodded. Where he hurt wasn't a normal place to hurt so she wanted to have his blood drawn.

When that didn't yield anything we had to have an x-ray taken.

That showed that he had a stress fracture.

So I set up an appointment with a sports med doctor to see what should be done.

Once again they took x-rays and this is what they found.

He has Osgood-Slaughters and has to be careful in his playing. When his leg hurts he has to sit it out. So far so good. He's only had a few issues. So all is well.

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