Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tori's Eye

This is a picture of us leaving Dr. Dries office.  I will tell you the drama of this lovely experience.

As you know we went to the Moran Eye Center after hours on the 16th. Which was a Wednesday.  The lovely little Resident Doctor told us that Tori just had a bacterial infection, but we would need to go to see Doctor Dries the next morning.  Just in case.

 AWWWWW......Relief.  But there is still a question in the back of my mind.

We go and see another Resident Doctor who looks at Tori's chart and info from the previous night.  He looks at her and have a bacterial infection.  Here's a new perscription and Dr. Dries is going to see you now.  By the way this is about 1 hour later.

Dr. Dries comes in and says are you....shake my hand...yada yada.  He says.  "I hear you have a bacterial infection?"

I looked at Dr. Dries and said, "Dr. Dries...........I wouldn't have rushed Tori up here after hours because of Pink Eye........What is concerning me is what appears to be a tear in the top part of her eye ball."

He takes a look.....BINGO!!!  Finally the man who knows something about eyes!!!!

He looks at me and says, "Well Mrs. Lutz that is a man made material you are seeing.  That is the Scleral Buckle and it has become exposed."

To which I responded. "So I'm not crazy!!"

He smilled and said, "Mrs. Lutz....look at me.....I don't know if you are crazy or not....but you are right about this....she will probably need surgery."

Thank goodness for men with a sense of humor.

She got an appt with Dr. Bernstein the next morning.  I will blog about that when I have more than 5 minutes.

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