Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tori's Broken

On February 8th I got a phone call from the school office.  Tori was in the nurses room and she fell down at recess and hurt her arm.  I decided to wait about 20 minutes to run over to the school.  Jason was still at pre-school, and I wanted my break time.  In my defense, I can not tell you how many times I have rushed over to the school just in time for Tori to be feeling better.  Well.....she wasn't  She said she had fallen down and hurt her arm.  I asked her if she wanted to stay at school or not, and she said she thought she could make it through school.  She was still struggling to stop crying, so I checked her out and took her home. I gave her some Ibuprofen and she seemed to get better.

I sent her to school the next day without any kind of worry.  She stayed at school all day, so I thought we were just fine.  When she got home she told me she had dropped her lunch tray because when she held it with one arm to get some food from the salad bar it hurt really bad and felt like one of the bones had shifted.  I of course though maybe she had a sprain.  So I went over and looked at her arm.  There was no bruising but it was definitely a little swollen.  No REALLY swollen...just slightly bigger than the other arm.  I decided when Brett got home to take her to the Instacare.  In the back of my mind I thought it would let her know she was ok, and all she really need was so ibuprofen.

We waited for a little while, and talked to the nurses.  The one that took our information put in the computer that it was Tori's left ankle......not sure how that worked out but it confused the staff from than on out.

We got her X-ray's taken.  Again....everyone was confused.....They had set up for x-raying her ankle, which was not the problem.  =)

The doctor poked her head and said "Yep...she broke it..."  I was stunned.  This is our first kid with a real broken anything....huh.....  Tori was so excited she could hardly sit still.  She was going to get a caste.  They put a splint on her arm and made her hold the peroxide bottle while it hardened.  They referred us to a Sports Med Doctors so I had to set up an appointment for the next day.

The Sports Med Doctor pulled up her x-ray so I was able to get a good picture of the brake.  She has a buckle fracture so it's actually hard to see. Until you know what to look for.  See that small line just under the bulge?  That's where it's broken.  Tori was playing chase with her of them pushed her...she fell down backwards and she put her hands down to brace herself.  That's how this happened...that is why you need to where wrist braces when roller blading or skate boarding.

Tori contemplated getting a glow in the dark caste.  That would have been pretty cool.  However....the nurse told her the disadvantage was when it was light it just looked like a dirty old caste.  So she picked the green one.  This will be coming off in a week.  She only needed it on for 4 weeks.  Crazy how quick these little monkey's heal up. 

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