Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can he hear yet?

I went to my sisters house to get Jason's picture taken. She is our family photographer, she does a GREAT job. And of course, Jason is a hard subject and I figure if anyone will work hard to get a good picture, it's his own Aunt.

While I was getting him ready to go outside, my 5 year old niece Maren asked, "Mel, can Jason hear yet?"

I think a lot of people would probably think she was being weird or rude. But my sweet Maren, really just loves her cousins. She wants what she feels is best for everyone. I told her, he can hear ok in most circumstances. I also told her that I'm really not sure what Jason can, and can't hear so we are getting his hearing tested.

I finally told Jason it was time to go play outside. Maren looked at Jason, and then looked at me very seriously and said, "He can hear you." With a curt little nod she followed him outside.

Gotta love the five year old mind!!!

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