Friday, March 5, 2010

Braille Challenge

The girls got to go to the Braille Challenge today. We went to the Blind Center and they divided them into groups. The girls were in the apprentice group together. I followed them to the room they were doing the challenge in, and gave them both a kiss and then went back to the Mulit-purpose room.

Tori says first they did Spelling, then they did some Proof Reading and correction.

While they were in their I got to have a nice chat with the parents of some of the kids.

They apparently had enough kids in the apprentice group that they split it into younger and older kids.

Tori got 2nd place in proof reading, and 3rd place in spelling.

Samantha got 2nd place in spelling.

After they got their awards and we were getting ready to leave.

Marcia is their Vision Impaired Teacher
We got to eat Pizza. Samantha's favorite part.
They gave them each these cute bags at the beginning.
Samantha with her Braille writer.

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