Thursday, November 27, 2008

Had to share yesterday's trauma. Tori has decided that she is terrified of being alone. The sun had just gone down and I asked her to go upstairs and get her dance shoes. She was flipping out and throwing a tantrum. At 8 that's a little over the top. I wouldn't let anyone go upstairs with her, so she sat downstairs and cried for 1/2 an hour.

The difference between the kids.

Duncan: "Tori just think that Heavenly Father wouldn't make anything that would hurt us. He loves us too much. But if anything was up there everything has an enemy."

Tori: Sobbing hysterically.

Samantha: "Just think if anyone can do this, I can".

Tori: "I can't!!! I just want someone to come upstairs with me. Can Samantha come with me?"

Brett than asked. "Tori if there was something upstairs what is Samantha going to do to make it better?"

Samantha says "I would kick them and they would falls down." (Duh!!!)

Tori finally ran upstairs at top speed and came back downstairs beaming like she had accomplished something huge. Which she had, for her.

They all have there own personalities don't they?

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That is so funny!